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I'm a happily married father of 3, 40 hr a week working, no time having, 40 yr old Professional bicycle racer. This is how I make it work. ( Or don't sometimes.)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trouble has 5 wheels

Mommy was out of town last night so the boys had a night of it. First up- carb loading with a spaghetti feast.
Next up- Taking out the newly assembled 5 wheel train of death-

After terrorizing the neighborhood awhile it was on to part 3-
Swing till you just can't anymore....
Then baths and bedtime, which all went surprisingly quick and peaceful. Nixon proceeded to sleep all night long as well. No bottle until 5am. Hell yeah, I'll take that! Speaking of food-
Part 1 today- Pancake and waffle feast to carb load before turning them loose at school.
That Nixon sure can crush some pancakes.....
Maybe I'll go for a run at lunch. Maybe not. We'll see-

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