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I'm a happily married father of 3, 40 hr a week working, no time having, 40 yr old Professional bicycle racer. This is how I make it work. ( Or don't sometimes.)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

One day at a time

Finally had a decent week of training. Not killing it volume wise but nailing the intervals and strength workouts. The way my body feels tells me so.... Haven't felt so good and sore in quite awhile. Lost 7 lb this week and am approaching where I was before I got hurt. I'll take it. Hasn't been easy but I stayed flexible and rolled with the punches as far as juggling life this week. Pushing 12 hrs and 180+ miles for the week. Pretty proud of myself even if that's less than one of my off/ recovery weeks use to total. Numbers aren't bad though so no worries.

Got out for a few hours this morning to recon and change up the route for The Outspokin' Dirty 50 race in January. Took out a little pavement and added more dirt. Even found a locked gate to jump over to connect through some woods to a dead end road....good stuff. Fun to go exploring. Not too cold out either and had one of the highest output rides in recent memory even with stopping, cutting through woods, and turning around.
Finishing up an eerily quiet day at work now. Kinda worrisome for the Saturday before Christmas weekend. This is one of those times I'm thankful I don't have to worry about owning the store anymore. Heading home soon to pick up Liza for date night. Gonna get food and drinks and then go Christmas shopping for the boys while "influenced". Look out Toys R Us. This should be fun. For awhile. Till it hits 7:30 and we fall asleep as usual....

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