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I'm a happily married father of 3, 40 hr a week working, no time having, 40 yr old Professional bicycle racer. This is how I make it work. ( Or don't sometimes.)

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Playing around with Robert's Pinecones

Got a good, cold pre-ride in of tomorrow's racecourse this morning with Robert. 37 degrees out. Wasn't bad at all really once we got going. Even though I haven't been on a bike all week, still felt decent. Course is in good shape, fast, with a few wet spots here and there. Thankfully, climbing is practically non- existent on that loop. Should be all horsepower. Except it's looking like 48 degrees and rain tomorrow. Hope so, hope it gets super wet, slippery, and nasty. Works for me. We'll see. I'm not really wanting to ride hard in Dec, just looking to get a solid ride in. Hopefully I'm not in too terrible shape to be useful.
Stay tuned....

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